Drug Dealing For Dummies, Abridged Daniel Storm


Published: April 7th 2011

Kindle Edition

260 pages


Drug Dealing For Dummies, Abridged  by  Daniel Storm

Drug Dealing For Dummies, Abridged by Daniel Storm
April 7th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 260 pages | ISBN: | 4.60 Mb

Drug Dealing for Dummies is a comprehensive collection of knowledge, experience and trappings of the “business.” It represents thirty years in the making and as the “Dedication” reflects, the tragic loss of a good friend and a master of “the game.”MoreDrug Dealing for Dummies is a comprehensive collection of knowledge, experience and trappings of the “business.” It represents thirty years in the making and as the “Dedication” reflects, the tragic loss of a good friend and a master of “the game.” Roosevelt was a well known figure on the streets of Chicago, and his teachings are present here, along with the insight author Daniel Storm has gleaned from personal experiences and study of the law.

In order for one to talk-the-talk, he must have walked-the-walk, or he’s just another pretender in this dangerous underworld.Drug Dealing for Dummies casts a spotlight on the cat and mouse chase between the drug dealers and the army of law enforcement personnel out to catch them.

Mr. Storm uses the term “army” because the number of federal, state, county, and municipal agents in law enforcement outnumbers the active branches of America’s enlisted military. And that army of domestic soldiers wages an ongoing “War on Drugs” against those citizens who choose to enter the drug business, or are lured into it or get caught up with friends and relatives.Add to law enforcement’s front-line army the staggering numbers of 1-800-U-SNITCH lines, and the calls to those centers from nosy neighbors, and the dealer has a domestic spy army of volunteer snitches working against his ability to elude drug agents.Also, dealers in the drug world are themselves working for their turf to be free of competition and can be the worst enemy of a new drug man.

A simple check of the bloodbath going on in Mexico between competitive drug cartels reveals the dangerous extremes to which competition in the drug business can lead. State and federal prisons are full of those who at some point chose to defy the overwhelming legal odds that they would be caught, and entered the drug business anyway.However, the apprehension and prosecution of drug dealers and traffickers also presents one of the most fertile areas of law in which to illustrate to the American citizen exactly what his Constitutional rights are, and how those rights should be invoked during any confrontation with the powers that are out there representing law enforcement.Mr.

Storm invokes the drug dealer’s challenges in facing the overwhelming arsenal of law enforcement to illustrate how the citizen can protect himself from those over-intrusive powers. Also, he cites to the current ruling constitutional case law and statutes which interpret the civil rights involved in “the game.” Storm covers civil rights topics such as investigation, stop, arrest, search, interrogation, evidence gathering, wiretapping, seizure of property, and other aspects of the process of avoiding police capture and well as practical procedures for conducting “the business.” He also presents legal countermeasures to police tactics.An appendix of the case law is included for handy reference for those who want in-depth information on their civil rights as interpreted by the courts.By presenting this book, author Daniel Storm does not endorse the business of selling any drugs by any reader.

As in the Prohibition Era, adults will find whatever it is that pleases them, and that quest creates a product market. There is a market for drugs both within and without the law. People who want them will get them, legally - or not so legally.

And where there is a market, there is a supplier. It’s all basic economics of supply and demand.With the odds so stacked against those contemplating this “business,” while you are still free and have a life, you need this reference guide to survive and help avoid trouble. It may very well help you seriously consider what you are really contemplating getting into, and the potential consequences of your decision.

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